Saturday, 3 May 2008


Yes, but it's the wrong one!

Friday, 2 May 2008


The TV crews have packed up! There aren't many ways to spin this: Labour got one of their worst kickings in history and the Tories did very well.

Well enough, it seems, to make Mr Johnson the new Mayor of London, although it pains me to write that. The Assembly will presumably be chocked full of blue, so our new Mayor will have no need to moderate his plans for his budgets to be approved.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Waiting Game

Now we just wait. The polls are still open for another hour, but after that there's nothing until 0900 tomorrow when the count starts.

I'm hoping there's been an exit poll that'll be announced at ten, but I've not heard anything yet.

Earlier on I helped by handing out leaflets at Wood Green station - I had been booked to go to Alexandra Palace, which I did, but no one from team Ken turned up, and nor did any significant number of commuters, so that was a (genuinely) damp squib.

Off message

This is the first Standard placard I've seen today. Let's hope it's wrong. The Livingstone site have been preparing the ground for a new poll to be released by YouGov today showing a large lead by Mr Johnson.

The End Result

I've just discovered that the London Mayoral results won't be announced until around 21:00 on Friday! I'm most disappointed!


I'm navigated the poorly signed polling station and have cast my vote for Ken Livingstone. The ballot papers were simple and the process uncomplicated.
13 hours left and we'll start to know how the city voted.