Tuesday, 4 March 2008


All finished at the hospital, but it's not much of a pleasant experience going. Here are a few samples of the trip.

1. From a sign in one of the rooms where blood is extracted for tests:

Please do not use needles and vacutainer tubes to ajar this windows

2. As a woman sobbed in the corridor a concerned member of the public came to ask what could be done to help her. This person speculated that:

She has a bit of the dementia

3. As a man in front of me in the queue for the tests seemed to be having problems he explained:

Last time they tried in my hand

Despite this, a phone ringing constantly, rooms that are tiny and poorly decorated and a constant stream of patients the phlebotomist who took my blood was friendly, smiling, caring and put up with my squeamishness and silly faces. Given she has to work there all the time I haven't got much to complain about, and I was as thankful as I could be to her.

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