Sunday, 9 March 2008

Mobile Design

Go away

Nokia have a certain kind of design wisdom with phones. The final release of their tool, Share Online, that allows one to send pictures directly to Flickr is on my phone.

The trouble is I want to get it off my phone. It's a cumbersome program that doesn't allow me to do anything that I can't do simply by e-mailing the photo to my Flickr account. It also, as you can see in the picture, puts more clutter on the phone's home screen.

I've tried removing it from within the phone's application menu, I've tried removing it from within the phone's Application Manager tool (bizarrely it did let me remove "Share Online 3 Upgrade", but this made no difference).

I've had a number of problems with my N95, and this is just another, albeit minor one. Anyone know how to fix this (without a complete reset)?

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